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The bash-tec GmbH ...

develops, produces and trades in high-quality products, primarily for application in the field of insect and solar protection. The product portfolio ranges from technical fabrics to technically sophisticated products for the end users.

The main focus of our activities is the realization of the different requirements of our customers of industry, whole and retail sale respectively processers.

Our work is based on consequently using the possibilities of our sourcing network world wide, continuously developing new products as well as on the know-how and the longtime experience of our employees.  In order to safeguard its technological lead, bash-tec always submits innovations and improvements for patent protection as quickly as possible.

Since the company foundation in March 2003 our customer portfolio including also internationally renowned partners has been constantly increasing.  Its continuous development is another proof for the competence and capability of our company.

Through the establishment and examination of quality management processes at our suppliers, we ensure a constantly high quality level both acting as producer and business-to-business trade partner.

Data and Facts

Gebäude bash-tec

- 4.000 sqm production and storeage area.

- A minimum of 1,5million sqm fabrics permanently in stock.

- Special machineries enables the cutting of fabric. 

 Lengths of up to 3,000m; widths up to 320cm.

MCC - Mesh Cutting Center

MCC („Mesh Cutting Center“)

The continuous expansion and further developing of our machinery complemented ...



... by the central location provide the basis for reaction times with comprehensive “just in time service” in line with the market.



It is our aim to support our customers‘ competitiveness with high quality products. To ensure this quality, we are continuously certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015



The use of several plasticizers respectively phthalates which were inter alia contained in products.

such as toys, sport and leisure articles, electronic articles, automotive parts, technical medical components, or even materials for the construction industry, meanwhile has been highly restricted or even forbidden.

Our Adforsinsect screens are certified phthalate free.

Environment-related label „Blue Angel“ -Der Blaue Engel-

Blauer Engel

We are authorized to maintain the environment-related label „Blue Angel“ („Blauer Engel“) for outstanding eco friendliness of our products fiberglass, aluminium, PetScreen and stainless steel.




- with tested protective effect


gemäß Artikel 33(1) der Europäischen REACH-Verordnung Nr. 1907/2006 über die Registrierung, Bewertung, Zulassung und Beschränkung chemischer Stoffe sind wir verpflichtet, unsere Kunden über das Vorhandensein besonders besorgniserregender Substanzen (SVHC) aus der sogenannten Kandidatenliste zu informieren. Es ist unser erklärtes Ziel, alle uns betreffenden Anforderungen der REACH Verordnung zu erfüllen.

Die Kandidatenliste gemäß Artikel 59 (1,10) der Europäischen REACH-Verordnung wurde erstmals mit Datum vom 28.10.2008 veröffentlicht und wird regelmäßig auf der Website der Europäischen Chemikalienagentur ECHA aktualisiert.

In unseren Produkten oder deren Verpackungen die an Sie geliefert werden, sind keine Stoffe aus der aktuellen Kandidatenliste in einer Konzentration über 0,1 Gew.% enthalten.


Unsere Produkte enthalten nach unserer Kenntnis keine Stoffe in Konzentrationen oder Anwendungen, deren Inverkehrbringen entsprechend den geltenden Anforderungen der Richtlinie zur Beschränkung der Verwendung gefährlicher Stoffe - 2002/95/EG - (RoHS) verboten ist.